Momment of Truth (reprint)

Due to some quirk the previous post on “Moment of Truth” can’t be viewed. Until I work out the kinks I thought I’d just reprint it again.
We’re in here! Yes I found a spot to spark the embryo for Old Skoolie 1863. I was able to secure a lot that is about a half hour away form me. It’s a good spot. The only rules and regulations of the spot is that I cannot work on the outside of the bus while it is there. Trust, there is enough internal work to be done. Though this is a major step in the journey (getting the school bus and securing a spot) it is not the end. It is only a step in the whole story which is unfolding. The danger of course is to become complacent as though this is the last page of the story. I am taking a small break yet still moving forward. A friend of mine’s came up with the term “momenting which is “pairing the mindfulness of living in the moment with focused moment towards one’s goals.”
This is also a good time to really reflect on what the heaven am I doing? Rflmao. As the New England weather starts to flex I have come to the conclusion that I could be on the inside of that bus on the weekend with a small heater working on the inside yet is that the wisest course of action? At this point I have concluded that it isn’t. I will be visiting ole girl, make sure I turn her over every few weeks and move her slightly in order to make sure that the weight doesn’t warp the tires though beyond that I think she will be in hibernation during the winter. I realize that there are still many actionable steps to my full plan that I can use all of the rest of the Fall and Winter to implement. That way when the weather breaks I can get it on and popping. There are actually three areas that I am going to focus on during the colder weather.
The first area is to learn my damn bus. The allure of designing the bus into a mobile palace is of course what drew me to skoolies. The reality is that is only a portion of what needs to be done. I have to know how that bus works as a vehicle. I need to know that engine inside out. I need to know laws and such for the conversion and RV parks. I need to make sure thta that outside body is the best that it can be. I can use this time in doors to do all of that. I also need to draw up the perfect plans for redesign. I can also start to collect items that I know that I am going to install lie everything to the kitchen sink 😉.
The second thing that I need to do is to continually refine the mobile community center and media center aspect of Old Soolie 1863. This will not just be an RV it will actually be a work center for me. The mobile center aspect will be dealing with HoodHealth while the media center aspect will be dealing with the Legacy Project. At this point I have been continually deciding if those aspects will be non profit, for profit, etc. Still weighing everything. I have been securing endorsements at this pint (not sponsorships yet) so that when it is time to see funding for those aspects no matter what the road I decide the avenue will be open. Already some leads on grants and funding have presented them selves.
The third thing is for me to continue to become immersed in the skoolie community. I have learned so much since linking with like minded people who have been doing this for years, months and days. And also due to my diligence I have finally come across another Black person who is living in a skoolie. I have also connected with a Black woman who is into green living/tiny house movement and is working to transition into a mobile off the grid lifestyle. The network is necessary for me to not reinvent the wheel. So many simple questions get answered on the daily when I link with them.
I’m loving this journey. Some days I have a “what the heaven did I get myself into” moment yet that always passes. I’m in it to win it and do what has never been done before in quite this form. Thank you to everyone who is along for the ride.

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