Endorsing Old Skoolie 1863

I am constantly suprised by the support being shown towards the determined idea of Old Skoolie 1863. Some people are just intrigued by the notion of living in a bus. Other people are attracted to particular aspects of Old Skoolie 1863 such as the Hood Health aspect or the Legacy Project aspect. I keep the determined idea in my head, in my heart, on the tip of my tongue and moving by daily progress. Just about a week ago I made the aquaintence of a Sociology professor in CA who mentioned that they may be able to get a portion of an Old Skoolie 1863 tour through the central valley of California funded. I also just made the aquaintence of a former military medic who is donating anatomy books, supplies and case studies to the project. At times it is overwhelming in that I has very mimimally started converting and at times wonder whta the Hell do I know about a damn bus! Yet when the the whole world is with you how can you fail?

One thing that I have initiated is a page for endorsers of the project. These are just people/businesses that rock with me. They are not sponsors in the sense that they are’t providing any financial support. They are just adding on with publically acknowledging that they have confidence in the project and myself. They also add on in what ever way that they can. You can check out the current line up of endorsers here.

If you are a small business or know of one that would be interested in endorsing Old Skoolie 1863 (the endorsements will assist when seeking sponsorships and/or grants later down the line) send me an email at the email address on the endorsement page. IMG_20140428_141017


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