The Intentional Life

“Intentional living requires one to be aware of one’s fundamental beliefs and to be willing to make an effort to have their behavior reflect these beliefs in a form of integrity in relation to his or her conscience and environment. In some cases, such changes are drastic enough that like-minded individuals group together in intentional communities.

Some examples of intentional living include cohousing, ethical living, frugal living, moral community, simple living, sustainable living as well as many religious lifestyles.

While not necessarily representing distinct or actual lifestyles, many themes and areas of human interest, activity, and study exist that contribute to intentional living. Examples include appropriate technology, conservation, ecology, environmentalism, humanism, humanitarianism, and socially responsible investing.”-Ole Wikipedia.


Found out that a lot of what I am working towards falls in the framework of intentional living. If you have been following me you know that I am also working to address the fundamental issues of being Black in the States. My parents come from eras where there had to be special guides made to tell them where it was safe to stay at night. In the charged racial tone in many parts of the states recently it would be smart to plan ahead. The challenges though has been able to find those People of Color who are involved in some level of intentional living whether it is the tiny house movement, skoolies, etc. And while I assert that these issues about race and travel should involve everyone it isn’t usually a topic that is approached in a lot of the forums that I am in even if there are people of color in there. The simple reality is that if one isn’t a person of color many of these issues just don’t exist.
I have been fortunate to find communities of People of Color advocating for interacting with the outdoors. In fact I applied to this great leadership training by Outdoor Afro. Also this month I’m registered for the 2016 Black  Sustainability Summit. Both events are in line with the work that I have been doing with HoodHealth and the full vision that I have for Old Skoolie 1863. I see that a re-envisioning of Black communities has to happen on several different levels. I keep referring to it as the Emergent World. Part of it involves capturing the essence of what our fore-bearers did that served them well. Getting in tune with those essential elements will invigorate our communities. It involves relying on the land more, getting into urban gardening, simple preventive health practices that our great grand parents utilized, seeing nature as healing, breaking the tyrannical hold of a 9-5 where one is investing in someone else’s dream.Screenshot_2016-01-18-08-07-18
Some of these communities that are preparing for the transformation of society (due to economic shake ups, environment, politics, etc) are referred to as Transition communities. A good friend of mine’s put me up on two. One is the Transition Network and the other is Transition United States. On one hand one can look at them as “doomsday” in mentality. I don’t see it that way at all. I actually see it as living the way that most of our parents about 50 years ago. They always were prepared. They had food for weeks. They had candles and kerosene. They knew how to survive without power for a grip of time. I think that how we live nowadays is kind of doomday-ish. We expect there to always be food at the grocery store. We expect to always have access to clean drinking water. Events such as what is happening right now in Flint, Michigan with their water being toxic levels (due to government wickedness) is just one example that the grid is not as solid as we would like to think. Though one may be familiar with white preppers out there (there are quite a few sites and shows out there) one may not be aware that there are also Black Preppers out there also.
Screenshot_2016-01-18-08-07-33I continue to connect with Black people who are looking into intentional living. I connected with an older Black woman who has been part of the green movement for a while who is looking into making a tiny home. I have just recently connected with a Black woman from Brooklyn who is investing in intentional living deciding between a tiny home or skoolie. It seems the more I open my mouth the more people pop up. Willfully we’ll continue to connect generating places online and off where we can discuss issues of note for People of Color dealing with Intentional Living. Oh, and I found a spot on facebook that is Intentional Living for People of Color. Check it out.

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