Propel the Power, Old Skoolie 1863 and the Re-Vision

If you are one of the many people who have been supportive of Old Skoolie 1863 and the Propel the Power campaign I thank you. In short, for those who don’t know, I have been in the process of converting a school bus into an RV/Community center. The journey has been incredible beyond measure up to this point. It started as a small spark in my brain and has grown into a bus that I own whose seats have been stripped out, electrical lines laid and plumbing in the works. The lessons I have been learning along the way are numerous. You can check out some of the previous posts in this blog to see what lead me to even consider this path, what challenges I have faced and the sheer joy that has washed over me at points when things materialized seemingly out of nowhere. The process has been a steady one moving along at different paces since I made the determined idea to bring this about. Within the last couple of months I have been heavily thinking about this project and It is time for me to make Knowledge Born about the re-vision that is on the table now.


At this moment I am integrating a new element. I have realized that I need to implement the nomadic work/hacking off the grid aspect before I add on with the skoolie/community center aspect. I have been weighing this over for the last month as I continue to build my resume and increase my streams of income outside of my current job. I have laid out a list of pros and cons are extensive on each side of re-visioning the project and I am satisfied with where I will be moving with it now. What does this look like in real time?

-I have decided that my intern goal will be a converted camper van. In the current racial environment it will allow me more freedom of movement, I know more about its engine/easier to get fixed, more freedom of places to park it and all of my nomadic gigs will still be able to be activated.

-I will not be looking to buy/convert a full skoolie until 3-5 years from this point.

Will the Gofundme campaign still be in effect? Yes. I will be rebranding and remixing it to encompass the new goal of converting a camper van. So be on the look out for that in a week or so. We still moving forward with the same tenacity that we have been moving with. Site will be revamped. News will be updated in terms of my current challenges. You are still going to see me getting it in!

I thank everyone who has been with me on this journey and continues to rock with me. It isn’t over and honestly some things are coming stronger into place than ever. I have just realized certain steps that will be beneficial to me in the long run.


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