Who is this guy?


C’BS ALife has a pedigree in working with the youth being the son of a minister and of an elementary school teacher. This foundation led him to working with youth in public and private schools and many youth programs. With the guidance of his parents, he realized early on that it isn’t enough to just be a product of one’s environment, but that one must be the producer of one’s environment. It is this fundamental lesson that he works to pass on in all of his presentations.

Early in his career he worked with the emerging youth service program L.E.A.P. (Leadership Education Athletics in Partnership) gaining valuable experience in mentorship. Learning how to relate to college & high school students, parents, and city officials was great preparation for him. Soon he realized that he was able to summarize philosophies and strategies into a digestible form that was easily understood by his target audiences. Beyond L.E.A.P. he expanded his knowledge by working at the Education Center for the Arts, Young Voices Initiative, and Integrates Refugee and Immigrant Services.

C’BS has tailored his presentation and delivery to a host of diverse audiences. His lectures are engaging to youth and adult alike.  He has been a conference speaker for the Our D.R.E.A.M. for our World MLK Day Conference, the International Student Leadership Network, the United Way, Freedom Schools, and the Children’s Defense Fund. In 1995, he was recognized by the Children’s Defense Fund as the Nation Authority on the college recruitment of youth service volunteers. He is also a nationally recognized Djhuty Akbar Understanding Committee scholar.

He heavily invested in projects and programs that deal with health and wellness in the urban community. This led to the natural outgrowth of establishing Hood Health, a new paradigm of addressing such issues in the urban community. His work culminated in the writing of The Hood Health Handbook: A practical guide to health and wellness in the urban community of which he was a co-editor and contributor. He is also invested in projects and programs that deal with citizen science and connecting Black and Brown people to their role in the science. This work resulted in the genesis of the Science of Self series ( a series of books dealing with said topic) in which he is a co-author of the first book in the series (and upcoming volume). This book is Science of Self: Man, God and the Mathematical Language of Nature.
C’BS ALife currently lives in New Haven, CT where he a Senior editor at both Supreme Design Publishing and Two Horizons Press while nurturing his freelance writing career. Presently he works with ARC of Greater New Haven working with mentally and physically challenged adults. Weekends he manages the CitySeed Mobile market which delivers farm fresh foods to target inner city neighborhoods. He continues his youth outreach by volunteering his time and space. He is a well known fixture in the neighborhoods of New Haven and can never be found being idle. Any downtime is spent preparing for his grand journey West in Old Skoolie 1863.

He can be reached at AlifeAllah@gmail.com


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