1. What is a skoolie?

It is a used school bus which has been refurbished so that it is an RV (Recreational Vehicle). Some are made into mobile schools, businesses, etc. I am working to make this one into a mobile living dwelling as well as a mobile community center.

2. Why a bus?

Because though I am working on minimalism a car is way too small. I am at a point in my life where I want a certain degree of autonomy yet still have some of the things that I love (fresh produce, my library, tech gadgets). I have for a while decided that I wanted to move west. Once I decided to fully pursue my freelance writing career along with the promotion of HoodHealth a mobile dwelling was a no brainer.

3. Why mobile

Because you need to meet the people where they’re at. This means I need to be able to bring HoodHealth to the block, to the schools, to churches.

4. What is HoodHealth?

HoodHealth is a protocol addressing the health disparity in the Black and Brown community. It is further defined and clarified in the Hood Health Handbook: A Practical Guide to Health and Wellness in the Urban Community edited by myself and Supreme Understanding. You can find this book at www.HoodHealthHandbook.com

5. What is the Legacy Project?

The Legacy Project, highlights the place of Blacks in American history by visiting historical sites reintroducing them to a modern audience. Old Skoolie 1863 will be a mobile multi media center relaying history via video, radio and text.

6. Why Old Skoolie 1863?

Old Skoolie as in Old School Hip Hop which focuses on four elements; djing, emceeing, break-dancing and aerosol art. It is the essence of sound, music and art from the inner city. HoodHealth uses this framework to reintroduce health in urban environments. 1863 alludes to the end of the Civil War and the beginning of Reconstruction. During this time was the founding of many of the HBCUS (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), founding of Black towns and a migration West of African-Americans. 1863 encompasses a lot of what I envision my own journey west to be.

7. Why are you qualified?

Because I”m your favorite champion’s favorite champion. In all seriousness I am the son of my father and mother. I have been in the service field from youth service, to human service and community service several decades. My love for the people is unmatched. I start what I finish. I cherish life. This is something that I see as both self fulfilling and as enriching the lives of people. I cannot loose.


8. What can I do?

At this moment you can share, share and then share again this site on all of your social media. In the near future I will be unveiling my various fundraising campaigns and you can add on. Know that by adding on that you are transforming a thought into tangible reality. You are participating into something coming into existence.


9. How can I contact you?

By all means please hit me up at AlifeAllah@gmail.com



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